Aquarium & Pond Plant ID

Identify freshwater aquatic and wetland plants

Last update: 31 Dec 2018

Australian Snake ID

Interactive key to the rich snake fauna of Australia and its surrounding oceans

Last update: 24 Jun 2020


Bunching Vegetables

Identify pests, mites, diseases and disorders in bunching vegetable crops

Last update: 30 Jan 2019


Chikanda Orchid Key

A non-botanist’s key to identifying Zambian orchids harvested for Chikanda

Last update: 23 Apr 2019


EUCLID Eucalypts of Australia

Key to 934 species and subspecies of Angophora, Corymbia and Eucalyptus

Last update: 2 Nov 2020


ID Species UICN

ID Species clave para árboles en vías de extinción para Mesoamérica

Last update: 28 Oct 2018


Key important fruit flies EU

A key and datasheets for tephritid fruit flies of economic importance to the EU

Key selected fruitflies Africa

A key and datasheets for tephritid fruit flies of economic importance to Africa

Key to Insect Orders - Revised Edition

Revised edition of the popular Key to Insect Orders App

Last update: 7 Feb 2019

Key to the Cassinia group

Lucid key to the shrubby daisies Cassinia, Ozothamnus and their close relatives.

Last update: 28 Jul 2018

Last update: 20 Jun 2019


Lepidopteran Families

Interactive key to Lepidopteran Families of Biosecurity Concern

Last update: 27 Mar 2017


NZ Myrtaceae Key

Identification of species within the myrtle family that grow in New Zealand.

Last update: 19 Nov 2020


On The Fly

Interactive Lucid key to Families of Australian flies


Pacific Pests, Pathogens & Weeds

Identify Pacific Pests and Diseases using comprehensive fact sheets and images.

Last update: 20 Sep 2020

Plants and Fungi of SW NSW Australia

Helps identify plants and fungi in NSW that occur west and south from Mungo

Last update: 6 Mar 2021

Plants of South Eastern New South Wales

Interactive Lucid key to the Plants of South Eastern New South Wales

Last update: 16 Apr 2018


RFK Edition 8

Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants (RFK 8) includes 2762 taxa in 176 families

Last update: 9 Nov 2020


Solanaceae Fruit Field Guide

A field guide for the identification of insect pests, diseases and disorders

Last update: 20 Sep 2018

Sweetpotato DiagNotes

80 insect, nematodes, diseases, nutrient and disorders in sweetpotato.

Last update: 6 Feb 2019


Wattle - Acacias of Australia

Identify wattle plants that occur in Australia or elsewhere where they are grown

Last update: 2 Oct 2018

Weeds of Australian Cotton

Tool for Australian cotton growers to assist in identifying 50 key weed species.

Last update: 15 Oct 2018

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