Plants of South Eastern New South Wales

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Dianella prunina

Common name

A flax-lily



Where found

Forest. Southern Highlands. Ranges north from Bundanoon. Coastal in the Sydney area.


Perennial herb to 2 m high, single, tufted, rhizomatous. Tufts less than10 cm diameter at the base. Fruit fleshy, blue. Leaves arranged in two rows on opposite sides of the stem, to 90 cm long, 8–38 mm wide, basal sheaths folded together lengthwise, more or less completely closed. Flowers mid blue to dark violet, with 6 'petals'. Outer 'petals' 7–10.5 mm long, inner 'petals' 7–9.5 mm long. Anthers brown-yellow to deep blue. Inflorescence longer than the leaves, the sub-clusters expanded, 2–8-flowered. Flowering: spring. Fruit 5–8 mm long.

Family Phormiaceae in PlantNET.

PlantNET description: (accessed 26 April 2021)