Plants of South Eastern New South Wales

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Dichondra repens

Common name

Kidney weed



Where found

Forest, woodland and grassland, lawns, and moist shady places. Widespread.


Perennial herb to 0.05 m tall with creeping stems, rooting at the nodes, greyish hairy with simple hairs attached at about the middle, or Y-shaped hairs (needs a hand lens or a macro app on your phone/tablet to see). Leaves single or in clusters at the nodes, 0.5–3 cm long, 5–30 mm wide, kidney-shaped to almost round, both surfaces sparsely to moderately hairy. Flowers white to pale yellow or greenish, 2.5-6 mm in diameter, tubular, the tube to about 1 mm long, with 5 lobes. Flowers single. Flowering: throughout the year, mainly spring–summer. Flower stalks 5–60 mm long at the seeding stage, not curved down. Seed cases shorter than the calyx.

All native plants on unleased land in the ACT are protected.

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