Plants of South Eastern New South Wales

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Eucalyptus blakelyi

Common name

Blakely's red gum



Where found

Woodland and grassy woodland on moderately fertile soils. Often found in seasonally water-logged depressions or on stony rises. Western Slopes, western edge of Kosciuszko National Park, the mountains to the north, ACT, tablelands, Blue Mountains, western edge of the ranges south of the Blue Mountains.


Tree to 25 m tall.  Bark smooth throughout or with some loose rough grey bark at the base of the trunk.  Smooth bark shedding in large plates or flakes.  Juvenile stems square in cross section, sometimes prominently winged, occasionally glaucous.  Juvenile leaves opposite each other for a few pairs, then alternating up the stems, 4-14 cm long, 33-100 mm wide, dull, grey-green or blue-green, sometimes slightly glaucous.  Adult leaves alternating up the stems, 6-20 cm long, 7-45 mm wide, glossy or dull, green to blue-green or grey-green.  Flowers white, with 0 petals.  Flower clusters 4- to about 15 flowered.  Mature flower buds 8–14 mm long, caps much longer than the base.  Flowers Spring-Summer.  Gumnuts 4-8 mm in diameter. Gumnuts that have dropped their seed have strongly protruding valves

A reputed hybrid Eucalyptus blakelyi x Eucalyptus cinerea subsp. cinerea is the basis of Eucalyptus x subviridis.

Intergrades with Eucalyptus dealbata,  Eucalyptus camaldulensis subsp. camaldulensis, Eucalyptus dwyeri, and Eucalyptus tereticornis subsp. tereticornis.

All native plants on unleased land in the ACT are protected.

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