Plants of South Eastern New South Wales

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Geranium homeanum

Common name

Rainforest Crane's-bill



Where found

Forest usually in moist sites, stream banks, and wet gullies. Widespread.


Annual or perennial herb, scrambling or sprawling to prostrate, sometimes rhizomatous. Stems to 0.70 m long, hairy with coarse hairs to sparsely hairy. Leaves opposite each other, 1–4.5 cm long, 30–50 mm wide, more or less round to kidney-shaped, 3–7-lobed, the lobes each deeply divided into 3 secondary lobes or teeth towards the leaf tips, both surfaces hairy with coarse appressed hairs. Flowers pink to almost white, with 5 petals each 2–5.5 mm long. Anthers whitish with fine purple lines. Sepals almost hairless or with tiny glandular and appressed simple hairs and occasional longer hairs, 3–5 mm long, mucro 1–1.5 mm long. Flowers single or paired. Flowering: chiefly summer. Seeds dark brown, with small elongated pits (needs a hand lens or a macro app on your phone/tablet to see).

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