Plants of South Eastern New South Wales

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Grevillea imberbis

Common name

A grevlllea



Where found

Heathy woodland margins or moist low heath. Kanangra Boyd National Park. Ranges and tablelands east of Braidwood.


Shrub to 0.4 m high or prostrate. Rhizomatous. Leaves alternating up the stems, 1–4 cm long, mostly 2–6.5 mm wide, margins abruptly bent down, upper surface dotted, midvein and the intramarginal veins rough to granular,.lower surface exposed, somewhat silky except for the midvein. Flowers with 4 'petals' joined together in pairs, 'petals' white to pale pink, hairy outside, mostly hairless inside. Gynoecium 6.5–8.5 mm long, style strongly curved. Flowers in erect clusters. Flowers August–February.

In the absence of specific information, seeds of all species of Grevillea have been keyed as having one wing.

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