Plants of South Eastern New South Wales

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Grevillea phylicoides

Common name

Grey spider flower



Where found

Woodland and heath. Coast, ranges, and eastern edge of the tablelands, north from the Jervis Bay area.


Shrub to 2 m high. Branchlets hairy. Leaves alternating up the stems, mostly 1–2.5 cm long, 1.5–4 mm wide, margins entire and curved down; upper surface granular, lower surface exposed, hairy. Flowers with 4 'petals' joined together in pairs, 'petals' white to pink, hairy outside, inner surface more or less white woolly. Gynoecium 10–13 mm long; style white or pink to red, hairy. Flowers clustered. Flowers July–March.

In the absence of specific information, seeds of all species of Grevillea have been keyed as having one wing.

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