Plants of South Eastern New South Wales

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Polyosma cunninghamii

Common name




Where found

Rainforest. Coast and ranges north from the Kings Highway.


 Tree to 15 m high. Fruit fleshy. Bark vertically ridged, fissured, finely wrinkled, brown. Young stems sparsely to densely appressed hairy, becoming hairless. Leaves opposite or almost opposite each other, 3–10 cm long, 10–30 mm wide, hairless, upper surface glossy, lower surface paler, margins irregularly toothed, tips gradually tapering to a point. Flowers greenish to white or yellow, fragrant, 8–10 mm long, tubular, with 4 lobes. Flower clusters shorter than the leaves. Fruit bluish or purplish black, ribbed, oval, 12–15 mm long, 7–10 mm in diameter.

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