Plants of South Eastern New South Wales

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Viola caleyana

Common name

Swamp violet



Where found

Wet situations in forest and woodland, and moist areas near streams and swamps. Widespread.


Perennial herb with stems to 0.3 m long, trailing, Flower stalks to 0.22 m high. Hairless. Leaves scattered, sometimes clustered at the nodes, 1–5 cm long, 10–50 mm wide, bases cordate, tips blunt, margins usually shallowly scalloped. Flowers white to pale violet, the veins sometimes purple especially on the lower petal, with 5 petals each 8–10 mm long, the lower petal with a short spur. Flowers single. Flowers Spring to Summer.

All native plants on unleased land in the ACT are protected.

Rare Vic.

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