Plants of South Eastern New South Wales

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Viola sieberiana

Common name

A violet



Where found

Wet heath and moist ground on more exposed sites. Coast, ranges, and eastern edge of the tablelands, mostly north of the Kings Highway. Occasionally elsewhere.


Perennial herb. Flower stalks to 0.08 m high. Hairless to hairy. Leaves tufted, 0.05–2 cm long, 0.5–30 mm wide, broadly oval to kite-shaped, bases wedge-shaped and tapering into the leaf stalk, margins coarsely toothed. Flowers with 5 petals, pale mauve to white, each 4–7 mm long. Flowers single. Flowers spring–summer. 

Hybrids between Viola hederacea and Viola sieberiana occur with the broader leaves of the former and the smaller, more or less evenly coloured, flowers of the latter.

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