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Rice green leafhopper (417) Print Fact Sheet


Common Name

Rice green leafhopper

Scientific Name

Nephotettix nicropictus; there are several other Nephotettix green leafhopper species that feed on rice, e.g., Nephotettix malayanus and Nephotettix virescens.

AUTHOR Grahame Jackson
Information from CABI Plantwise Knowledge Bank (; and from Plant-sucking pests - green leafhoppers. ( Photo 1 Nephotettix nigropictus Natasha wright, Cook's Pest Control, Photo 2&3 Bhusal K et al. (2019) A review of rice Tungro virus in Nepal. Journal of Plant Sciences and Crop Protection. Volume 2(1).

Produced with support from the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research under project HORT/2016/185: Responding to emerging pest and disease threats to horticulture in the Pacific islands, implemented by the University of Queensland and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.

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