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Common Name

White rice borer; also known as the paddy stem borer.

Scientific Name

Scirpophaga nivella; however, there are other Scirpophaga species and there has been confusion between them; e.g., Scirpophaga excerptalis is a pest of sugarcane, Scirpophoga incertulas, yellow stem borer, occurs on rice as does Scirpophaga innota, white rice stem borer. Some authors consider Scirpophaga nivella to be the sugarcane top borer, and a miner pest of rice. Additionally, in the introduction to Scirpophaga nivella, PaDIL states: "This species is the same moth as the Australian species, Scirpophaga chrysorrhoa..." These moths belong in the Crambidae.

AUTHOR Grahame Jackson
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