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Banana bunchy top (121)

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  • Restricted distribution. Asia, Africa, Oceania. On bananas and other Musa species. BBT is caused by a virus. It is spread by aphids, and in suckers for planting. Major losses occur in 2-3 years.
  • Dark-green dots and dashes along leaf veins (insert).
  • Cultural control: regular monitoring and removal of plants as soon as BBT seen: (i) kill aphids: spray with kerosene or insecticide; (ii) dig out the matt or kill the plant with herbicide (e.g., glyphosate).
  • Chemical control: to kill aphids on diseased plants only, (i) bananas for home – use soap, white or horticultural oils (or kerosene); (ii) commercial plantations – use synthetic pyrethroids. Note, chemicals will not prevent spread of BBT.

Common Name

Banana bunchy top

Scientific Name

Banana bunchy top nanavirus. There are 2 groups of BBTV isolates from different regions: the South Pacific group (including Australia, Burundi, Egypt, Fiji, India, Tonga, Western Samoa) and the Asian group (including Philippines, Taiwan, Viet Nam). The mean sequence difference between the 2 groups has been reported as approximately 10 percent. The abbreviation is BBTV.

AUTHOR Grahame Jackson
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