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Banana diamond leaf spot (072)

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  • Widespread. In the tropics ('old world'). On banana only.
  • Oval to diamond-shaped spots up to 10 cm, brown, zoned, with yellow margins, often on spots of black cross (Phyllachora). Often merge at leaf margin.
  • Spores on underside, turning spots greyish/brown.
  • Minor importance on Cavendish; more severe on cooking bananas. Worse if misting oils used for black Sigatoka disease control.
  • Cultural control: resistant varieties.
  • Chemical control: Unlikely to be needed.
Common Name

Banana (Cordana) leaf spot, banana diamond leaf spot

Scientific Name

Cordana musae

AUTHORS Helen Tsatsia & Grahame Jackson
Information from McKenzie E (2013)  Cordana musae: PaDIL -; and (including Photo 4) McKenzie E (2013) Cordana johnsonii: PaDIL - (; and Vézina A, Dreyer BS (2020) Cordana leaf spot. ProMusa. (

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