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Breadfruit (fluted scale) mealybug (184)

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  • Widespread distribution. Asia, Africa, Oceania. Principally breadfruit but also avocado, banana, citrus, jackfruit, mango, soursop, taro, and many others, including ornamentals. An important pest.
  • Eggs laid into a sac producing “crawlers” that spread the pest. After a day, they settle down, feed, moult, becoming adult with 3-4 mm waxy processes.
  • Damage done: (i) sucking sap, (ii) leaves turn black - fungi grow on honeydew excreted by mealybugs.
  • Natural enemies: ladybird beetles (Rodolia) important.
  • Cultural control: prune infested stems, branches and fruits, and burn; add fertilizer, manure or compost to improve tree health; assist natural enemies: destroy ants nests (hot water), prune low branches, and weed.
  • Chemical control: soap, white or horticultural oils; PDPs: neem, derris, pyrethrum, or chilli; if ants are present use synthetic pyrethroids. Priority is to remove ants to let natural enemies work.
Common Name

Breadfruit mealybug, Egyptian fluted scale, Egyptian mealybug, Egyptian cottony cushion scale.

Scientific Name

Icerya aegyptiaca

AUTHOR Grahame Jackson
1Waterhouse DF (1993) Icerya aegyptiaca (Douglas). Biological Control Pacific Prospects - Supplement 2. ACIAR Monograph No. 20. Brown Prior Anderson, Burwood, Victoria; and from CABI (2020) Icerya aegyptiaca (breadfruit mealybug). Crop Protection Compendium. ( Photo 1 Alessandra Rung, California Department of Food & Agriculture, Photo 2 Peter Ooi, Department of Agriculture & Food Sciences, Faculty of Science, Universiti Tunku Abul Rahman, Jalan University, Malaysia.

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