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Cabbage cluster caterpillar (LCM) (078)

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  • Widespread distribution. Asia, Africa, Oceania. On members of the brassica family - broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, mustard and radish.
  • Egg masses yellow. Young larvae feed together often on the 'head'. Larger larvae with long hairs, yellow lines along the back and brown heads.
  • Larvae feed under silk webbing at the plant centre.
  • Cultural control: inspect nurseries and crops frequently: remove egg masses and/or larvae; plant far from old crops; trap crops, e.g., mustards or Chinese cabbage (Bok Choy), but destroy trap crop before insects hatch.
  • Chemical control: in household plots, PDPs to safeguard natural enemies (chillies, neem, derris, pyrethrum); in commercial plots, grow under nets; use Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) sprays against caterpillars when young.
Common Name

 Cabbage cluster caterpillar, large cabbage moth (LCM), large cabbage-heart caterpillar

Scientific Name

Crocidolomia pavonana; previously, known as Crocidolomia binotalis. It is a moth of the Crambidae.

AUTHORS Helen Tsatsia & Grahame Jackson
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