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Carrot leaf spot (135)

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  • Worldwide distribution. On members of the carrot or parsley family: mostly carrot, but also celery, dill, parsley, parsnip, wild carrot. A serious fungal disease of wet weather.
  • Spots on older and then younger leaves, becoming a blight as spots merge, and leaves blacken. It also causes damping-off.
  • Spread is in wind-driven rain, and on or in seed.
  • Cultural control: certified seed or hot water (50°C for 25-30 mins.); tolerant varieties; nursery hygiene: clean trays, pasteurise soil or soilless mixes, monitor and discard infected plants; do not plant too densely; weed; collect and burn trash or plough in remains after harvest; 3-year crop rotations.
  • Chemical control: seed - captan or thiram; field – copper, mancozeb, or those in strobilurin and DMI (demethylation inhibitor) groups of fungicides, alternating with either of the first two. 
Common Name

Carrot leaf spot, Alternaria leaf spot of carrot

Scientific Name

Alternaria dauci. Note, another fungus, Cercospora carotae, produces similar symptoms.

AUTHOR Grahame Jackson
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