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Casuarina butt rot (195)

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  • Worldwide distribution. Temperate, sub-tropical and tropical. An important disease.
  • On Casuarina and many broadleaf and fir trees, causing rots in the heartwood of roots, butts, stems.
  • Difficult to detect: yellowing, slower growth, dieback, death. Trees become susceptible to be blowing over in the wind.
  • Fruit body grey-brown, up to 50 cm, uneven with rings, on dead or living trees, white below with pores.
  • Spread by root-to-root contact and/or spore infections.
  • Cultural control. There is no control. Once a tree is infected it will die. When brackets are first seen, it is best to remove the tree to prevent infection of those nearby. Avoid wounding trees.
  • Chemical control: none recommended.
Common Name

Casurina butt rot. Also see Fact Sheet no. 004 for butt and root rots of other trees.

Scientific Name

Ganoderma applanatum. The fungus was previously known as Fomes applanatus. The common name for the fungus is the Artist's Conk.

AUTHOR Grahame Jackson
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