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Croton whitefly (335)

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  • Narrow distribution. On many trees, shrubs and ornamentals. Probably, a minor pest, but little research.
  • Adults and nymphs suck the sap causing the leaves to turn and distort; on croton, and other ornamentals, reduces quality.
  • Eggs on stalks, laid in rings. Nymphs, at first, active 'crawlers', later, oval, flat, on underside of  leaves; pupae, oval, about 0.75 mm long, brownish-yellow, waxy with a white 'tail'. Adults, yellow with red eyes and white, powdery wings.
  • Spread by crawlers, or carried by wind, vehicles, animals, birds, on clothes, and the trade in plants.
  • Natural enemies: several ladybird beetle predators.
  • Cultural control: if pesticides used, remove the most infested leaves before spraying.
  • Chemical control: use soap solution, horticulture or white oils (see Fact Sheet no. 56). Note, insecticides will kill natural enemies and probably make the problem worse.
Common Name

Croton whitefly

Scientific Name

Orchamoplatus mammaeferus; previously, Aleuroplatus samoanus and Orchamus samoanus.

AUTHOR Grahame Jackson
1Information from Swaine G (1971) Agricultural Zoology in Fiji. Her Majesty's Stationery Office. London; and CABI (2015) Orchamoplatus mammaeferus (croton whitefly). Crop Protection Compendium. (; and Aleyrodidae: Key to the genera. USDA, APHIS, PPQ. ( Photo 1 Croton whitefly (Orchamoplatus mammaeferus) California Department of Food and Agriculture. Photo 2 MAF Plant Health & Environment Laboratory (2011) Croton Whitefly (Orchamoplatus mammaeferus): PaDIL - (

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