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Healthy soil (486)

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  • Maintaining healthy soil is an important element of regenerative agriculture - increasing soil fertility, biodiversity, water retention and storing carbon.
  • Plant health relates to soil health.
  • Plants are more able to resist pests and diseases in healthy soil, so less need for pesticides.
  • Healthy soil has a good balance of inorganic and organic components as well as micro and macro-organisms.
  • Healthy soil retains enough air and water for good plant growth.
  • Healthy soil has an important role in capturing and keeping carbon in the soil (carbon sequestration).
  • Soil can be tested for minerals and pH.
  • Soil health can be improved using compost, green manures and limiting tilling.

AUTHOR Caroline Smith
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Produced with support from the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research under project HORT/2016/185: Responding to emerging pest and disease threats to horticulture in the Pacific islands, implemented by the University of Queensland and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.

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