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Okra bumps & distortions (432)

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  • Widespread. Asia, North America, Oceania. In Fiji.
  • Cause unknown. A cosmetic problem but increasingly affecting sales.
  • Irregular bumps or ridges up to 12 mm long, 2-3 mm wide, sometimes in lines parallel to length of the fruit, whitish to green, occasionally aging with brownish centres. Severe cases show distortions. Internally, seeds and other parts appear healthy
  • Suggested causes: (i) stink bug feeding; (ii) nutrient deficiency, possibly boron; (iii) virus, possibly Okra yellow vein virus.
  • Cultural control: none recommended as no proven cause.
Common Name

Okra bumps and ridges.

Scientific Name

Unknown cause

AUTHOR Grahame Jackson & Mani Mua
Walter Reeves The Georgia Gardener. Okra - Edible with bumps on pods. (

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