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Rats (035)

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  • Three types. Pacific rat (Asia and Pacific islands, small, nests on the ground); black rat (worldwide, often nests in trees) and brown rat (worldwide, mostly in human settlements; nests underground). Important pests.
  • Attack cassava, cocoa, coconut, oil palm, peanut, maize, rice, sweetpotato, and others in storage; also, carry fleas with bacteria causing scrub typhus.
  • Cultural control: do not leave food for rats to eat; aluminium bands around coconuts; snap-traps; cats.
  • Chemical control: Gliricidia leaves (or Barringonia, flesh of fish poison tree) mixed daily with e.g., cooked rice or root crops; alternatively, warfarin or brodifacoum in baits with coconut, wheat or maize (place in e.g., bamboo sections. Put out in evening and collected in mornings.
Common Name

Polynesian rot, black rat (also called ship rat), brown rat

Scientific Name

Rattus exulans (Pacific rat); Rattus rattus (black rat); Rattus norvegicus (brown rat).

AUTHORS Helen Tsatsia & Grahame Jackson
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