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Rose beetle (107)

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  • Narrow distribution. South Asia, Oceania. On bele, cocoa, coffee, ginger, yams and many other crops and weeds. An important pest.
  • Eggs 7-10 cm deep in soil, hatching to C-shaped grubs with orange heads, feeding on roots; adults, dark brown, 12.5 mm long, with grey-white scales.
  • Adults make holes in young to middle-aged leaves at night, often leaving the veins.
  • Cultural control: barriers (coconut fronds, bamboo) around cocoa seedlings; plant cocoa under shade (30-40%); light traps; do not plant near fences of Hibiscus tiliaceous, a preferred host.
  • Chemical control: use synthetic pyrethroids.
Common Name

Rose beetle

Scientific Name

Adoretus versutus

AUTHOR Grahame Jackson
Information from Waterhouse DF, Norris KR (1987) Adoretus versutus Harold. Biological Control Pacific Prospects. Inkata Press. Melbourne. Photo 1&2 Gerald McCormack, Cook Islands Biodiversity & Natural Heritage ( Photo 3&4 Walker K (2007) Adoretus versutus. PaDIL - ( Photo 5 Richard Markham, ACIAR, Canberra.

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