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Seed-under-the-leaf (509)

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  • Restricted. In New Zealand, Fiji.
  • Pioneer annual species, common in disturbed and cultivated land, tolerating waterlogged areas as well as drought (long tap root). Produces abundant seed, and short life cycle. Weed of wetland rice.
  • Erect or spreading, up to 60 cm, round, smooth stems, woody at base. Leaves compound up to 18 cm long, with short-stalks, oval leaflets alternating along stem. Flowers small, greenish, paired, beneath leaves. Seeds minute.
  • Spread: seed by mowing, slashing; on machinery and vehicles. Long history of use in traditional medicines.
  • Biosecurity: risk is unofficial introduction of seed and plants. Check imported machinery/vehicles. Check seed of other species. Available on Internet.
  • Biocontrol: none.
  • Cultural control: hand-weed; slashing (but stem pieces regrow). Mulch (5-10cm) to prevent seedling growth. Clean soil and seed on machinery/vehicles.
  • Chemical control: in Australia, diquat/paraquat; flumioxazin; hexazinone/diuron; amicarbazone; isoxaflutole/terbuthylazone. In Fiji, glyphosate.
Common Name

Seed-under-the-leaf; it is also known as gale of the wind, stonebreaker.

Scientific Name

Phyllanthus niruri. It is a member of the Phyllanthaceae. Previously, it was placed in the Euphorbiaceae.

AUTHORS Grahame Jackson & Makereta Ranadi
Information from weeds of Fiji. Department of Agriculture Bulletin No.35: 73-74; and CABI Phyllanthus niruri (seed-under-the-leaf) (2019) Crop Protection Compendium. (; and from Czarnota M (2006) CAES Newswire. College of Agricultural & Environmental Science. University of Georgia. ( Photo 1 Dvellakat. Kizhanelli is a medical liver tonic. Wikimedia Commons. ( Photo 2 Challiyan. Phyllanthus niruri,jpg. Wikipedia Commons. ( Photo 4 Vengolis. Phyllanthus niruri. Wikimedia Commons. (

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