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Spiralling whitefly (025)

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  • Worldwide distribution. In tropics and sub-tropics. Wide host range: bananas and many fruit trees, ornamentals and vegetables. Active at dawn and dusk. An important pest.
  • Direct damage results from adult whiteflies sucking sap from leaves and fruits causing early death; indirect damage results from sooty moulds growing on leaves covered by honeydew deposits, and blocking sunlight.
  • Eggs laid in spirals among wax by moth-like adults.
  • Natural enemies: parasitoid wasps (main control)
  • Cultural control: prune branches with heavy infestations.
  • Chemical control: use soap, white or horticultural oils; or synthetic pyrethroids, but insecticides may increase the problem by destroying natural enemies.
Common Name

Spiralling whitefly

Scientific Name

Aleurodicus dispersus. A member of the Aleyrodidae.

AUTHORS Helen Tsatsia & Grahame Jackson
Information from Chin D et al. Biology and pest management of spiralling whitefly. DPI&R. Northern Territory Government. (; and from Waterhouse DF, Norris KR (1989) Biological Control Pacific Prospects - Supplement 1. Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, Canberra; and from Aleurodiscus (whitefly). Invasive Species Compendium. (

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