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Taro dasheen mosaic (088)

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  • Worldwide distribution. On edible aroids, and many ornamental types. A common virus disease with minor impact.
  • Feather-like, light green or grey patches, often along the veins, confined to one area or throughout the leaf, sometimes causing distortions at the margins.
  • Spread is by aphids; they suck sap from diseased plants, contaminate their mouthparts, fly or are blown in wind to healthy plants and infect them as they feed again. However, ability to infect is lost quickly.
  • Cultural control: there are no practical measures.
  • Chemical control: not appropriate for viruses spread quickly by aphids in this way. The aphids have spread the viruses by the time they are killed by the insecticide.
Common Name

Dasheen mosaic

Scientific Name

Dasheen mosaic potyvirus (the abbreviation is DsMV). A severe form of the disease is reported from French Polynesia.

AUTHORS Helen Tsatsia & Grahame Jackson
Information from Carmichael A, et al. (2008) TaroPest: an illustrated guide to pests and diseases of taro in the South Pacific. ACIAR Monograph No. 132, 76 pp. (; and from Nelson SC (2008) Dasheen mosaic of edible and ornamental aroids. Cooperative Extension Service, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, University of Hawai'i at Manoa. Photo 4 Mani Mua, SPC. Sigatoka Research Station, Fiji.

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