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Cocalus C.L. Koch, 1846


Cocalus, with four species in the Oriental and Australian Regions, has one Australian species: Cocalus gibbosus. Other genera belonging to the same Old World group with Australian representatives include Cyrba, Mintonia and Portia (Maddison 2015). Further information on the genus and described species can be found in Richardson and Żabka (2017).


Cocalus spp. are medium-sized, robustly-built spiders, ranging in body length from 7 to 9 mm with a high cephalothorax and a long abdomen. The upper surface of the carapace has prominent humps supporting the eyes on each side and also one on the mid-line immediately behind the anterior eyes. There is an orange fringe on the anterior edge of the cephalothorax and an orange patch on the front of the upper surface of the abdomen. The chelicerae have four retromarginal teeth (plurident) with three or more teeth on the promargin. The legs are long and strongly-built.

The male has a talon-shaped embolus on the distal edge of the tegulum, which is round and without a proximal lobe. The tibia has a truncated ventral apophysis and a wide-based, bizarrely-shaped retro-lateral tibial apophysis.

The female has a single epigynal atrium a little way from the epigastric fold with two very large spermathecae mostly anterior to it but also extending posteriorly to the epigastric fold. There is a large median pocket in the epigastric fold.


Cocalus gibbosus is found on foliage in rainforest. It hunts spiders.


Cocalus gibbosus is known from only a few locations in north-eastern Queensland.


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