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Coccorchestes Thorell, 1881


Coccorchestes spp. are found mostly in New Guinea, with outliers in Australia and New Caledonia. The single Australian described species, Coccorchestes ferreus, is found at Iron Range. Further information on the genus and described species can be found in Richardson and Żabka (2017) and Whyte and Anderson (2017).


Coccorchestes spp. are small, robustly-built beetle-mimicking spiders, body length about 3 mm. They resemble small, black beetles, with a high cephalothorax, round abdomen and a shiny finish to the upper surfaces. There are small tubercles scattered across the upper surface of the cephalothorax. The rear edge of the cephalothorax has a crenelated appearance. The chelicerae have a single bicuspid retro-lateral tooth (fissident) with two teeth on the promargin. The legs are slender and of approximately equal length.

The male palp has a ribbon-like spiral embolus emerging from the distal edge of the tegulum which reaches over halfway up the cymbium. The tegulum has a roughly rectangular shape and is without a proximal lobe. There is no retro-lateral tibial apophysis. 

The female has two epigynal atria adjacent to the epigastric fold. The copulatory openings are in the centre of each atrium. The insemination ducts move posteriorly to join sausage-shaped spermathecae.


This beetle mimic is found in rainforest. It walks in a beetle-like rather than spider-like fashion.


Coccorchestes ferreus is known from only a few locations on Cape York, Queensland.


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