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Thyene Simon, 1885


Thyene is a widespread genus found in the African, Palearctic and Oriental Regions. Australia has three species, Thyene concinna, T. decora and T. longula. Until recently these species were placed in Gangus. While T. concinna is a well-known and widespread species, the others are known only from lost types. Other related and widespread genera also reaching Australia include Plexippus, Evacin and Evawes (Maddison 2015, Prószyński 2018).


Thyene spp. in Australia are small to medium-sized spiders, ranging in body length from 4 to 7 mm. The head, viewed from above, is roughly rectangular to ovate with rounded sides, widest behind the posterior lateral eyes. The carapace is flat to high, peaking at the posterior median eyes. Chelicerae have a single (unident) retromarginal tooth and two promarginal teeth. The abdomen is long and narrow. The first pair of legs is longer and heavier than the others, with a ventral fringe in males.

The male’s palp has a long, thin embolus arising more or less midway on the prolateral edge of the tegulum and circling it in a clockwise direction. The tegulum is rounded, without a proximal lobe. Sometimes there is a large tegular sclerite. The palpal tibia has a single pointed apophysis.

The female has a single atrium with barely-sclerotised margins. Indistinct copulatory openings are near the lateral edges of the atrium. Insemination ducts travel posteriorly alongside the lateral edges of the spermathecae which are convoluted and multichambered.


In Australia, Thyene is found on foliage and on the ground in woodlands and grasslands.


The genus has been found in all mainland States and Territories in areas receiving moderate rainfall.


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