Acacias of Australia

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Acacia aptaneura Maslin & J.E.Reid

Common Name

Slender Mulga




Widespread in arid Australia from W.A. to N.T., S.A. Qld and N.S.W. B.R.Maslin and J.E.Reid, loc. cit., provide details of the distribution in W.A.


Single stemmed or multistemmed, obconic tree 3–10 (–12) m high, sometimes with a pseudo-conifer or rarely a conifer growth form, stems and main branches ±straight. Branchlets ribless or obscurely ribbed, ribs yellow and not resinous or with a veneer of translucent resin; new shoots resinous, the youngest phyllodes pale- to dark-brown or khaki to green and with sparse to moderately dense reddish glandular hairlets. Phyllodes normally narrowly linear, not rigid, terete to flat, (2.5–) 4–10 (–13) cm long, usually (0.6–) 0.8–1.5 (–2.5) mm wide, green to grey-green or sub-glaucous, sometimes ±grey, glabrous or obscurely appressed-hairy between the numerous, fine, longitudinal nerves, margins normally not resinous; gland 0–3 mm above the pulvinus, phyllode normally not obviously kinked or swollen at the gland. Inflorescences simple; peduncles (2–) 3–10 (–13) mm long; spikes 10–30 (–35) mm long. Flowers 5-merous; sepals free, ≥½ length of petals, linear-spathulate; petals 1.5–2 mm long. Pods oblong to narrowly oblong, ±straight-edged, (1.5–) 2–6 cm long, (4–) 5–10 (–11) mm wide, chartaceous, flat, often orange-brown, smooth, normally glabrous, ±nerveless, margins rimmed and often resinous. Seeds normally oblique to transverse, (2.5–) 4–5 (6) mm long, (1.5–) 3–4 mm wide, elliptic to ±ovate; aril small and creamy white.


Grows in a wide range of habitats, being recorded from sometimes stony or gravelly red-brown sandy loam, clay-loam or clay, commonly over hardpan. It occurs on alluvial flats and other water-gaining sites, and on slopes and crests of low rocky hills. It is often found in mixed Mulga communities and is often common where it occurs.


W.A.: 66.5 km N of Leinster turnoff on Goldfields Highway to Wiluna, B.R.Maslin 9017 (CANB, K, MEL, PERTH); c. 30 km E of Juna Downs HS, A.A.Mitchell PRP669 (PERTH). N.T.: 42 km N of Alice Springs, D.E.Albrecht 7030 (NT). S.A.: Mt Fitton [c. 140 km ESE of Marree], B.Copley 3840 (AD, FI n.v., MEL n.v., NSW n.v., UC n.v.). Qld: 23 km SE Wallinderry OS towards Keeroongooloo SE Channel, Cooper Ck, S.Midgley 316 (PERTH). N.S.W.: 4.5 km S of Olive Downs HS, Sturt Natl Park, R.G.Coveny 13450 et al. (BRI n.v., MEL n.v., NSW n.v.).

FOA Reference

Data derived from Flora of Australia Volumes 11A (2001), 11B (2001) and 12 (1998), products of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia