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Acacia ayersiana (hybrid)




Most specimens of this putative hybrid occur in the Pilbara and Gibson Desert regions but they have also been recorded for the Central Ranges (E of Warburton) and the Murchison IBRA region on Milly Milly Station (c. 250 km N of Yalgoo).


Multi-stemmed shrub or tree 3–7 m tall. New shoots normally resinous and striate-nerved. Branchlets with resinous ribs most evident towards apices, resin translucent. Phyllodes mostly narrowly elliptic, infrequently linear, (5–)6–10 cm long, 2–4 mm wide, straight to shallowly incurved or sometimes shallowly recurved; margins with a discrete resinous nerve, dull and yellow except often brown or reddish and shiny on young phyllodes. Pods 6–10(–12) mm wide, winged.


W.A.: Gibson Desert, 67 km SSE of E end of Clutterbuck Hills, S.D. Hopper 2906b (PERTH); Hamersley Range, West Angelas area, 19 km W of Coondewanna Hill, B.R. Maslin 8078d (PERTH); Milly Milly Station, 22 km NE of Erong Springs – Milly Milly Road on road to Yunda Outstation, B.R. Maslin, J. Miller & J.E. Reid BRM 9145A (PERTH); 12 km SSW of Mt Hilditch, Hamersley Ranges, M. Trudgen MET 19127 (PERTH).


Most material referred to A. ayersiana (hybrid) appear to represent part of a complex mix of individuals that form an intergrade between A. aneura and A. ayersiana (see B.R.Maslin & J.E.Reid, Nuytsia 22: 189 (2012) for discussion). Further study is needed to properly elucidate the nature of this variation.

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