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Acacia camptocarpa Maslin, M.D.Barrett & R.L.Barrett

Common Name

Ragged Range Wattle




Occurs in the E Kimberley region of northern W.A. where it is it is found SW of Lake Argyle near Kununurra and from Marion Downs Sanctuary N of Fitzroy Crossing.


Multi-stemmed, lignotuberous sub-shrub 0.6–1 m tall. New shoots resinous, green. Branchlets glabrous, green. Phyllodes narrowly elliptic to narrowly elliptic-oblanceolate, mostly straight, 65–110 mm long, 10–22 mm wide, glabrous, scurfy between nerves; finely multistriate with 3 (–5) nerves more evident than the rest, the nerves 4–6 (–7) per mm, free to base and anastomoses absent or occasional; gland basal, ±evident. Inflorescences simple; peduncles 1–4 (–6) mm long, scurfy and resinous in flower; spikes 8–15 mm long (when dry); receptacle densely puberulous with pale yellow, short, ±spreading hairs. Flowers 5-merous; calyx c. 2/3 length of the petals, gamosepalous, dissected for 1/4–1/3 into broadly triangular to ±oblong lobes, calyx tube light golden puberulous; petals glabrous, the midrib slightly thickened; ovary glabrous. Pods linear to narrowly oblong or oblong, 3–8 cm long, (3–) 4–6 mm wide, straight-edged or very shallowly constricted between seeds, flat, thinly coriaceous-chartaceous, mostly strongly curved (sometimes into an open circle), grey-brown, scurfy, glabrous. Seeds longitudinal, 5–7 × 2–3 mm, aril cream-coloured.


Flowers in Jan., Feb. and May; mature pods collected in Feb. and May.


Grows in sandy loam on gentle sandstone slopes in open woodland adjacent to massive banded ironstone outcrops.


W.A.: [localities withheld for conservation reasons] R.L.Barrett RLB 6620 (BRI, NT, PERTH); H.Dauncey H786 (PERTH).


Appears closest to the widespread A. thomsonii with which it is sometimes sympatric. Acacia thomsonii differs in its taller, non-lignotuberous habit, sericeous branchlets and phyllodes, glabrous receptacles, ±straight, non-scurfy pods and normally bright yellow seed arils, see B.R.Maslin, M.D.Barrett & R.L.Barrett, Nuytsia 23: 551-552 (2013) for further details.

Resprouts from lignotuber following fire.


Acacia camptocarpa is listed as Priority One under Department of Parks and Wildlife Conservation Codes for Western Australian Flora.

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