Acacias of Australia

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Acacia catenulata C.T.White subsp. catenulata

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Confined to Qld, except for a record from N.T.: from a little E of Surat to the Grey Ra. in the S, extending N to White Mountains Natl Park, near Pentland, with a remarkable disjunction to the Glyde R. area, N.T.


Tree to 15 m high; trunk deeply fluted. New shoots resinous or not resinous, often dark-coloured when dry. Peduncles 2–5 mm long; spikes 10–30 mm long. Pods 4–5.5 mm wide.


Invariably in pure stands or with emergent eucalypts on shallow soils on scarps of weathered sediments, sometimes adjoining, but not mixing with, stands of A. shirleyi or members of the A. aneura complex.


N.T.: Sandstone ranges of the Glyde R. area, c. 304 km ENE of Newcastle Waters, 4 Sept. 1971, H.B.Gill s.n. (BRI). Qld: 7 km NE of Belyando Crossing, E.J.Thompson BUC487 & P.R.Sharpe (BRI, MEL, MO, PR); Comet, L.Pedley 4090 (BRI); Ambathalla Ra., 45 km c. E of Adavale, L.Pedley 5477 (AD, BRI, DNA, MEL, MEXU, PR).

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