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Acacia craspedocarpa F.Muell. x Acacia macraneura Maslin & J.E.Reid




A seemingly uncommon entity. It has a scattered distribution in the Murchison IBRA region being recorded from near Mt Magnet, Leinster and Wiluna.


Phyllodes linear or sometimes linear-elliptic, 3–5 (–7) cm long, 1.5–3 mm wide, l:w = 15–25 (–33), shallow (rarely strongly) incurved, nerves numerous and parallel, rarely a few anastomoses on some phyllodes, margins normally not resinous. Pods wide (15–25 mm), coriaceous, glabrous, yellow to brownish yellow, nerves obscure, margins winged. Seeds large (7–10 x (6–) 7–9 mm).


34 miles [54.7 km] S of Lawlers, N.T. Burbidge 4833 (PERTH).


This putative hybrid is noted in B.R.Maslin & J.E.Reid, Nuytsia 22: 205 (2012).

Carpological characters of this putative hybrid suggest that the parents might be A. craspedocarpa and A. macraneura but this is speculative. None of the relatively few collections ascribed to this entity are recorded as sympatric with both putative parents, however, A. craspedocarpa is recorded as occurring with it in a couple of populations. Other putative hybrids involving these two species are most likely included under A. craspedocarpa (hybrid), however, these specimens are most readily distinguished from A. craspedocarpa x macraneura in having non-linear phyllodes with l: w less than 15.

Acacia craspedocarpa (hybrids narrow phyllodes) resembles Acacia craspedocarpa x macraneura in phyllode morphology but is distinguished by its pods that are generally narrower and at least sometimes red-brown in colour.

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