Acacias of Australia

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Acacia eriopoda Maiden & Blakely x Acacia tumida F.Muell. ex Benth. var. tumida




Most collections are from the immediate vicinity of Broome although it is also recorded from about 100 km N of this township on the Dampier Peninsula and from W of Erskine Range (S of Derby).


W.A.: south side of Gantheaume Point, Broome, B.R. Maslin 4921A (PERTH); 100.5 km N of Broom on the road to Beagle Bay Mission, 20 June 1981, B.R. Maslin 4926 (DNA, K, PERTH); Broome, c. 0.5 km S of golf course, B.R. Maslin 7226 (CANB, DNA, PERTH); c. 61 km W of Erskine Range on Great Northern Highway (S of Derby), B.R. Maslin 7314 (NSW, PERTH); near Port Drive Industrial area on ‘Riddell Beach Back-track’, Broome, T. Willing 68 (MELU, PERTH).


Morphologically this putative hybrid combines the phyllodes of A. tumida var. tumida (although often slightly narrower) and the pods of A. eriopoda. Both putative parents are recorded as occurring with the putative hybrid in a number of localities.

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