Acacias of Australia

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Acacia fauntleroyi (Maiden) Maiden & Blakely




Occurs from Wongan Hills and Bonnie Rock S to Hyden, inland south-western W.A.


Shrub or small tree 2–7 m high. Bark ‘Minni-Ritchi’. Branchlets silvery appressed-pubescent with ±silky hairs, sometimes resinous. Phyllodes linear, substraight to shallowly incurved but often shallowly recurved towards apex, 8–20 cm long, 1.5–4 mm wide, not rigid, silvery- to grey-green, appressed-pubescent with ±silky hairs, with (3–) 7–9 ±raised nerves on each face. Inflorescences simple, 1 or 2 per axil; peduncles 4–9.5 mm long, appressed-pubescent; heads obloid to short-cylindrical, 7–15 mm long, 5.5–7 mm diam., 43–49-flowered, golden; receptacle with dense spreading hairs. Flowers 5-merous; sepals and petals 1/2–3/4-united. Pods linear, slightly raised over seeds, straight to slightly curved, to 10 cm long, 5 mm wide, coriaceous, ±silvery subappressed-pilose. Seeds longitudinal, broadly elliptic or oblong, 3.5–4 mm long, subglossy, light to dark brown; pleurogram double; aril apical.


Grows on or around granite outcrops, in scrub and shrubland.


W.A.: The Humps, S.D.Hopper 4409 (PERTH); Muntadgin Rock, B.R.Maslin 1818 (CANB, NSW, PERTH); Wattengutten, B.H.Smith 661 (PERTH).


Related to A. oncinophylla.

The number of phyllode nerves per face appears to be a function of phyllode width.

FOA Reference

Data derived from Flora of Australia Volumes 11A (2001), 11B (2001) and 12 (1998), products of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia


R.S.Cowan, B.R.Maslin