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Acacia fuscaneura (large phyllode variant)




Known from a single gathering collected in 1941 from the “Lyons River” (N of Gascoyne Junction, but precise location not given).


The collector described the plant as a tree 25 feet (8 m) tall with numerous horizontal branches; it therefore will have had a conifer or pseudo-conifer growth form. Branchlet ribs seemingly not resinous (possibly resin absent due to specimen preparation processes). New shoots not resinous, the youngest 1–3 phyllodes covered by dense layer of dark-coloured glandular hairlets which persist (but are more scattered) on expanding phyllodes. Phyllodes narrowly elliptic, 4.5–6 cm long, 7–12 mm wide, mostly straight, a few shallowly recurved. Pods narrowly oblong, very obscurely nerved, minutely appressed hairy, brown tinged purplish, margins rimmed or bevel-edged.


W.A.: Lyons River, C.A. Gardner 6103 (PERTH)


The new shoot and pod characters clearly show this to be close to A. fuscaneura which differs most obviously in its narrower phyllodes (not above 6 mm wide).

This entity was not included in B.R.Maslin & J.E.Reid, Nuytsia 22: 129–267 (2012).

Further material of this distinctive variant is warranted.

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