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Acacia mackeyana Ewart & Jean White




Occurs from near Coorow SE to near Corrigin and Moorine Rock (c. 30 km due WSW of Southern Cross) with a NW outlier at Mullewa and SE outliers in the Ongerup, Ravensthorpe and Frank Hann Natl Park areas (c. 200 km SE of Corrigin–Moorine Rock), south-western W.A.


Dense, domed or obconic shrub mostly 0.5–1.7 m high. Branchlets tomentulose to appressed-tomentulose. Stipules persistent, triangular, less than 1 mm long, thick, black. Phyllodes ascending to erect, ±recurved or straight, terete, (0.7–) 1–2.5 (–3) cm long, 1–1.5 (–2) mm wide, abruptly ±mucronate and sharply pungent, rigid, glabrous except pulvinus ±tomentulose, with 20 closely parallel nerves; stomata raised between nerves; gland single, 3–14 mm above pulvinus; pulvinus abruptly separated from blade, flared basally. Inflorescences simple, 2 per axil; peduncles 2–5 (–7) mm long, glabrous; heads globular, 3–4 mm diam., 7–12-flowered, golden. Flowers 5‑merous; sepals free. Pods oblong-linear, straight or slightly curved, subterete, 1.5–3.5 cm long, 2–3 (–4) mm wide, thick-crustaceous, venose longitudinally, glabrous. Seeds longitudinal, narrowly oblong, 3–4 mm long, dull, dark brown to black; aril apical.


Grows in gravelly soil, loam, loamy clay and sand, in woodland, mallee and scrub.


W.A.: 1 km E of 90 Mile Tank, Lake King–Kumarl road, B.R.Maslin 5789 (MEXU, PERTH); 10 km N of Coorow, B.R.Maslin 6577 (PERTH); Mullewa, 3 July 1952, N.H.Speck (PERTH); 20 km NE of Ongerup, N.Stevens KRN9520-1 (MELU, PERTH); 5.9 km SE of Bruce Rock towards Narembeen, M.D.Tindale 3736 (CANB, K, MEL, NSW, PERTH, US).


A member of the ‘A. densiflora group’, related to A. graciliformis and A. dissona; the latter species has straight phyllodes, 15–20-flowered heads and linear, thin-crustaceous or coriaceous pods. Also related to A. densiflora, which differs in its partly united sepals, tomentulose peduncles and straight, generally longer, terete to flat phyllodes.

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Data derived from Flora of Australia Volumes 11A (2001), 11B (2001) and 12 (1998), products of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia



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