Acacias of Australia

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Acacia nyssophylla F.Muell.

Common Name

Pin Bush, Wait-a-while




Widely distributed from near Geraldton in south-western W.A., E through S.A., to near Meringur in extreme north-western Vic., N to near Alice Springs, N.T., and mainly in Bourke area of N.S.W.


Dense intricate shrub, rarely a tree, 0.6–3 m high. Branchlets ±appressed-puberulous (at least at nodes), glabrescent, scarred where phyllodes have fallen. Phyllodes sessile, inserted on distinct yellow stem-projections, patent to inclined, straight to shallowly curved, subterete to compressed, (10–) 15–35 (–42) mm long, 1–1.5 (–2)mm wide, pungent, rigid, dull, glabrous or glabrescent, with ±20 rather close plane somewhat obscure nerves, with stomata ±evident; gland 2–7 (–11.5) mm above base. Inflorescences simple, 2 (–5) per axil; peduncles 3–10.5 (–12) mm long, glabrous or sparsely appressed-puberulous; heads globular, rarely ellipsoid, 3.5–6 mm diam., 12–19-flowered, golden. Flowers 5-merous; sepals free or sometimes to 1/2-united. Pods linear, slightly constricted between seeds, curved and twisted or coiled, 3–6.5 cm long, 2–5 mm wide, firm-chartaceous, longitudinally venose, sparsely appressed-puberulous to glabrous. Seeds longitudinal, lanceolate-oblong or oblong-elliptic, 4–5 mm long, glossy, black; aril large, yellow or orange.


Flowers July.–Oct.


Grows commonly in open scrub or low woodland in loamy soils.


W.A.: 4.8 km E of Southern Cross on Great Eastern Hwy, B.R.Maslin 1829 (CANB, MEL, PERTH). N.T.: near Claraville, 95 km NE of Alice Springs, 7 Sept. 1930, J.B.Cleland (AD). S.A.: Chowilla Stn, c. 24 km NNE of Renmark, J.R.Wheeler 437 (PERTH). N.S.W.: Belvedere Stn, J.W.Laurie 1837 (PERTH). Vic.: 21 km E of Morkalla, A.C.Beauglehole 56216 (MEL).


Most closely related to A. colletioides which is most readily distinguished by its phyllodes having 8 widely spaced nerves and the phyllode gland basal. Superficially similar to A. enterocarpa.

This species provides a safe nesting habitat for birds.

FOA Reference

Data derived from Flora of Australia Volumes 11A (2001), 11B (2001) and 12 (1998), products of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia


Minor edits by B.R.Maslin, J.Reid & J.Rogers