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Acacia schinoides Benth.

Common Name

Green Cedar Wattle




Restricted to near coastal central N.S.W., N to the Wattagan Mtns, S to northern Sydney.


Shrub or tree to 10 m high. Bark smooth, grey, green or black mottled with green, shiny. Branchlets ±terete, obscurely ridged, pruinose, glabrous. Young foliage-tips bronze; young leaves pale green with whitish to greyish tint or occasionally pinkish. Leaves herbaceous, green, concolorous to ±discolorous; petiole above pulvinus 1.5–5 cm long, terete, glabrous, with 1 raised ±orbicular gland (1/7–) 1/4–1/2 (–2/3) way below basal pinnae; rachis (1.5–) 4–8 (–10.5) cm long, glabrous, with or without an orbicular gland at base of uppermost and rarely present at other pinnae; interjugary glands absent; pinnae (2–) 3–6 (–7) pairs, 4–13 cm long, with an orbicular gland at base of upper 3–10 pairs of pinnules; pinnules 10–28 pairs, cultrate to narrowly oblong or narrowly lanceolate, slightly curved, 5–23 mm long, 1–5 mm wide, with 1 percurrent nerve closer to upper margin but becoming ±central towards apex and 2–4 shorter nerves from base not reaching margin and often minor lateral or anastomosing nerves in between, with appressed hairs on margins to completely glabrous, subacute to broadly rounded. Inflorescences mostly in terminal or axillary false-panicles, rarely in racemes; peduncles 4–9 mm long, glabrous. Heads globose, 27–50-flowered, pale yellow. Pods submoniliform, 3–16 cm long, 5–13.5 mm wide, subcoriaceous, dark brown to blackish or blue-black, scaberulous-tuberculate, ±pruinose.


Flowers Nov.–Feb., sometimes May and June; fruits Oct.–Jan., also June.


Grows in deep shady gullies, often near creeks, in moist tall open forest or rainforest, often with Eucalyptus saligna, on sandstone or shale.


N.S.W.: 10 km NNW of Yarramalong, R.Coveny 5863, P.Hind & R.Hancock (AD, CANB, CHR, NA, NSW, PERTH, Z); Cheltenham–Turramurra, L.A.S.Johnson s.n. (NSW47372); 12.9 km SSE of Cessnock, R.Story 6709 (CANB, MEL, NSW); 8.1 km N of Gibbs Long Swamp, towards Mt Kindarun, M.D.Tindale s.n. (NSW89952).


As in A. latisepala the pinnules are 3-nerved in A. schinoides, the costule at first being closer to the upper margin in the upper 1/3 of each pinnule with 2 (–4) ±parallel shorter nerves not reaching the margin. Related to A. cangaiensis which is a hairy plant with a number of glands on the petiole and jugate glands between the pinnae on the leaf rachis.

FOA Reference

Data derived from Flora of Australia Volumes 11A (2001), 11B (2001) and 12 (1998), products of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia


M.D.Tindale, P.G.Kodela

Minor edits by J.Reid