Acacias of Australia

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Acacia steedmanii Maiden & Blakely subsp. steedmanii




Occurs from Pigeon Rocks S to Bruce Rock and E to Bulla Bulling (30 km W of Coolgardie), with an outlier near Forrestonia (c. 20 km SW of Coolgardie), W.A.


Moderately open shrub or tree. Phyllodes mostly 5–10 cm long and 10–20 mm wide. Racemes 2.5–5 cm long, sometimes to 12 cm; peduncles 4–6 mm long; heads 30–40-flowered. Pods to 7 cm long, 5–6 mm wide. Seeds 3.5–4 mm long; funicle c. ½ encircling seed in a single fold (expanded length 8–12 mm long).


Grows in sand, sandy loam, loam, rocky loam and gravelly clay, frequently on or near granite rocks but also on lateritic gravelly rises and sand-plains, in eucalypt mallee, tall heath and low scrub.


W.A.: 7 km W of Moorine Rock on Great Eastern Hwy, B.R.Maslin 4475 (PERTH); New Morning, Forrestonia, A.O’Connor 422 (PERTH); summit of Mt Jackson which is N of Southern Cross, R.A.Saffrey 960 (MEL, NY, PERTH).

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