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Acacia stipulosa F.Muell.




Occurs in Upper Victoria R. area, at Winnecke Ck and near Gardiner Ra., N.T.; also from the far eastern Kimberley region of W.A., E of Halls Creek.


Shrub to 3 m high. Branchlets terete, hispidulous and glandular-puberulous. Stipules persistent, 3.5–4 mm long, partially connate, with free portion linear-subulate. Phyllodes crowded, ascending, inequilaterally broadly elliptic or triangular, 4–8 mm long, 2–5 mm wide, acute, pungent, coriaceous, puberulous (some hairs gland-tipped), with 3 or 4 (or more) distant slightly raised nerves; gland 1 or 2, ±protruding from margin. Inflorescences simple, 1 per axil; peduncles (4–) 8–13 (–16) mm long, glandular-puberulous; heads ±globular, 8–10 mm diam., 30–40-flowered, golden; bracteoles exserted in buds, 3–4 mm long, pungent. Flowers with irregularly 5–11-lobed perianth; sepals 1/3–1/2-united; petals 2/3–3/4-united; petal lobes 7 or 8; stamens partially united. Pods linear, slightly raised over seeds, straight to curved, to 8 cm long, 5–8 (–9) mm wide, crustaceous, obliquely venulose, glandular-puberulous or glandular-pilose. Seeds oblique, elliptic, ±4 mm long; aril apical.


Grows in shallow soil on sandstone, in shrubland and woodland.


W.A.: Mt Junction, Gordon Downs Stn, D.E.Albrecht 7694 (DNA, PERTH); Osmond Plateau, I.D.Cowie 1906 (CANB, DNA, MEL, PERTH). N.T.: 74 km SW of Victoria R. HS, P.K.Latz 5329 (BRI, PERTH); 41.8 km S of Hooker Ck–Birrindudu–Tanami Junction, J.R.Maconochie 1741 (BRI, PERTH).


A member of the ‘A. deltoidea’ group. Related to A. deltoidea which has regularly pentamerous flowers in contrast to the 5–11-lobed calyx and 7- or 8-lobed corolla of A. stipulosa, which also has the filaments united basally, a character-state that appears in the ‘A. lycopodifolia group’ and other groups of the tropical region. Also related to A. froggattii.

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Data derived from Flora of Australia Volumes 11A (2001), 11B (2001) and 12 (1998), products of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia



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