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Acaciella glauca (L.) L. Rico

Common Name

Redwood, Wild Dividivi




Isolated naturalised populations of this New World species occur in central and northern Queensland, especially around Ingham.


Qld: 17 km S of Ingham, A.R. Bean 16606 (BRI, K, NSW); 8 km S of Ingham, R.J. Cumming 13511 (BRI); Brian Pastures Research Station, Gayndah, 3 Apr. 1992, R. Dowling s.n. (BRI); Walkamin Research Station, L. Pedley 4616 (BRI).


Based on molecular and other data Acacia sens. lat. is now considered as comprising a number of segregate genera, see J.T. Miller & D.S. Seigler, Australian Systematic Botany 25: 217–224 (2012), for overview. Some taxa in the former Acacia subg. Aculeiferum are now referable to the genus Acaciella (see M.L. Rico Arce & S. Bachman, Anales del Jardin Botánico de Madrid 63: 189–244, 2006), including the one presented here.

This species was not included in Flora of Australia 11A (2001) but was treated, as Acacia angustissima, by L. Pedley in B.R. Maslin (coordinator), WATTLE Acacias of Australia CD-ROM (2001). It was revised, as Acaciella glauca, by Rico Arce & Bachman (2006: 202–212). Acaciella glauca is related to Acaciella angustissima which is distinguished most readily by its subglobose head, narrower pinnules and generally longer rachis.

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B.R. Maslin, J.E. Reid & L. Pedley

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