Plants of South Eastern New South Wales

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Goodenia decurrens

Common name

A goodenia



Where found

Dry forest, usually on sandstone cliffs or amongst sandstone boulders. Ranges north of the Hume Highway. Occasionally coastal.


Shrub to 0.8 m high. Stems mostly hairless, except for a line of hairs above each leaf base. Leaves alternating up the stems, 5–10 cm long, 10–25 mm wide, margins toothed, leaf bases continuing down the stems. Flowers yellow, 15–18 mm long, tubular, the tube split to the base, with 5 lobes, 2-lipped. Flowers on stalks to 30 mm long, in elongated clusters. Flowering: chiefly October–March. Seeds elliptic to round, about 1.8 mm long, pale brown.

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