Plants of South Eastern New South Wales

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Hakea dactyloides

Common name

Finger Hakea, Broad-leaved Hakea



Where found

Dry forest, woodland, heath, and rocky sites. Coast, ranges, and tablelands.


Shrub or tree to 4.5 m high. Young stems silky to sparsely hairy. Leaves alternating up the stems, 4–15 cm long, 5–40 mm wide, flat, usually rigid, longitudinal veins usually 3–5, tips gradually tapering to a point. Flowers white to cream, sometimes with pink bases, with 4 'petals' about 4 mm long, free from each other when the flowers are fully open, hairless. Gynoecium 4.0–4.5 mm long. Flowers in dense clusters of about 20–30 flowers, often several clusters close together. Flowering: spring to summer. 'Nuts' approximately oval, 20–35 mm long, 15–23 mm wide, prominently warty, with a short beak or no beak. Seeds with one wing.

Rare Vic.

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