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Microseris lanceolata

Common name

Murnong, Yam daisy



Where found

Subalpine and alpine herbfields, at least in Victoria. Probably the species that occurs in low shrubland in alpine feldmark. Kosciuszko National Park. Probably at higher altitudes elsewhere.


Perennial herb to 0.5 m high, arising annually from the roots. Roots sometimes suckering, elongated, fleshy, cylindrical to long-tapered, branching just below ground-level. Leaves basal, mostly 5–20 cm long, 2–15 mm wide, entire to lobed. Flower yellow, 30–50 mm in diameter, with 10–30 yellow 'petals'. Flowers single. Flowers Dec.–Mar. 'Seeds' mostly 5–7 mm long, straw-coloured, with a tuft of 10–20 bristles about 0.3–0.5 mm wide.. 

Requires examination of the roots/tubers and/or 'seeds' to differentiate it from Microseris walteri.

Microseris sp. Snowfields (D.E.Albrecht 123) is now included in Microseris lanceolata.

PlantNET has not yet separated Microseris walteri from Microseris lanceolata (2 May 2021)

All native plants on unleased land in the ACT are protected.

VICFLORA DESCRIPTION:  (accessed 2 May 2021)