Plants of South Eastern New South Wales

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Sannantha pluriflora

Common name

Tall baeckea



Where found

Forest, heath, and along streams. Coast and ranges. Occasional elsewhere. Naturalised in the ACT.


Shrub or tree to 4 m tall. Bark rough. Branchlets 4-angled, slightly flanged. Leaves aromatic when rubbed, opposite each other, 0.7-3 cm long, 1-6 mm wide, midvein distinctly impressed above and often keeled below; tips blunt to pointed; margins entire, oil glands prominent, especially on lower surface. Flowers to 10 mm in diameter, with 5 white petals each 2.5-3.7 mm long, in clusters of 2-9 flowers, with individual flower stalks attached to a main stalk. Flowers Spring to Autumn.

Was Baeckea virgata, then Babingtonia virgata, then Babingtonia pluriflora.

Protected NSW (as Baeckea virgata).

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