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Coconut seedling blight (075)

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  • Widespread distribution. Southeast Asia, Caribbean, Oceania. On coconuts. An important disease of seedlings.
  • The fungus attacks well-maintained seedlings, but is worse on those in crowded nurseries with poor nutrition and dense shade.
  • Spots merge causing a serious blight and leaves dry up and die early. Spread of spores occurs in wind and rain. It is unimportant after transfer of seedlings to the field.
  • Cultural control: ensure correct nutrition: the balance between N (too much increases blight) and K is important; space plants allowing good air circulation so wet leaves dry rapidly; shade should be low or absent.
  • Chemical control: Unlikely to be needed; if required use copper, mancozeb or chlorothalonil.
Common Name

Coconut seedling blight

Scientific Name

Bipolaris incurvata (previously known as Drechslera incurvata, Helminthosporium incurvatum). Another species, Bipolaris setariae (Cochliobolus setariae) was identified causing a leaf spot in nursery gardens in Hainan Province, China, in 2012.

AUTHORS Helen Tsatsia & Grahame Jackson
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