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Koster's curse (448)

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  • Widespread. Asia, East Africa, South and Southeast Asia, North, South and Central America, Caribbean, Oceania. In many Pacific islands.
  • Important invasive perennial bush: high seed production, rapid growth, tolerance to many disturbed and undisturbed environments. A threat to Pacific islands, forming dense thickets, smothering plantations, pastures, native vegetation, including forests.
  • Stems, up to 1m, round, hairy. Leaves, 5-18 cm long, dark green, paired along stems, five distinct veins and cross-veins, more hairy below, on short leaf stalk. Flowers, clusters in leaf forks and at branch tips, on short stalks, with five white or pink petals, and claw-like stamens. Fruits, round, purplish-black berries with about 100 brown seeds.
  • Spread: seed by birds and floodwaters, vehicles, pigs, on clothing, trade in ornamentals.
  • Biosecurity: high risk of introduction. In Australia, 'restricted invasive plant': do not release into environment, give away or sell. Among 100 of World's Worst Invasive Alien Species (IUCN, 2020). Can be bought via internet.
  • Biocontrol: Success with Liothrips urichi (Fiji); recently (Hawaii), Lius peisodon, for shaded areas; Colletotrichum gloeosporiode f.sp. clidemiae, for drier parts.
  • Cultural control: pull-out seedling, dig out shrubs, cultivate land; control feral pigs; vehicle hygiene to remove seed.
  • Chemical control: in Australia: glyphosate (and Fiji); metsulfuron-methyl; fluroxypyr. 
Common Name

Koster's curse; it is also known as soapbush.

Scientific Name

Clidemia hirta. It was known previously as Clidemia elegans, Melastoma elegans. It is a member of the Melastomataceae.

AUTHORS Grahame Jackson & Aradhana Deesh
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