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Rice seed bug (299)

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  • Widespread distribution. Asia, Central America, Oceania. On rice and grasses. An important pest.
  • Egg laid on the midribs of leaves, nymphs like adults, but wingless. Adults 15 mm, brown, white underneath, narrow.
  • Contents of seed sucked out when still soft, becoming shrivelled and small.
  • Natural enemies: wasp parasitoids.
  • Cultural control: weed within and around fields; avoid overlapping crops; in small plots, sweep to catch bugs (morning and evening); burn grass on bunds and around fields after harvest.
  • Chemical control: synthetic pyrethroids, but will kill natural enemies.
Common Name

Rice seed bug, rice bug, rice earhead bug

Scientific Name

Leptocorisa acuta. Note, there is a related species, Leptocorisa oratorius, but research in Indonesia concluded that the loss due to the pest was minimal.

AUTHOR Grahame Jackson 
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